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6 Worthy Supplements in Daily Consumption

6 Worthy Supplements in Daily consumption - Taking food supplements is a topic of debate that never runs out in the world of health .

Some diet experts argue, a balanced diet does not require a variety of supplements, because all vitamins and minerals can be obtained from food consumed.

But on the other hand, some experts also recognize the difficulty of getting all the nutrients from daily food consumption. In this section, supplements are believed to be an easy alternative to maintaining fitness.

But is that really true? A new research reveals an omega 3 supplement that apparently does not function to prevent a heart attack. Or, vitamin C supplements which turned out to have many negative effects, compared to the positive benefits for the body.
6 Worthy Supplements in Daily Consumption
6 Worthy Supplements in Daily Consumption/
However, of course not all health supplements have a negative impact. Thus, great control is in our hands as consumers. We must be careful about choosing supplements that will be chosen as daily consumption.

The Independent page explains a number of supplements that can be used as daily consumption. 

1. Vitamin D

Experts claim vitamin D is an important supplement for the body. Usually, vitamin D is naturally obtained through sun exposure. The content of this vitamin is very difficult to obtain from the food we consume.

According to a diet consultant, Helen Bond, adults and children over the age of one are recommended to take a daily supplement containing 10 micograms of vitamin D. 

In fact, pregnant and lactating women are also advised to consume it, especially during the rainy season where the sun rarely appears. "Those who have darker skin tones and people over 65 are advised to take this supplement every day," Helen Bond explained. 

According to him, having a darker skin color and entering the age of 65 years is very risky to experience vitamin D deficiency. Also read: Come on, Understand 3 Health Benefits of Vitamin D 

2. Iron

According to Bond, this nutrient is very important for women who experience heavy menstruation or vegetarians. Based on a survey by The National diet and Nutrition, 27 percent of women had low iron intake. 

In fact, the number of girls aged between 11-18 years who experience iron deficiency reaches 54 percent. Iron deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue, shortness of breath, and pale skin, and attack the immune system.

3. Vitamin B12

B12 is commonly found in animal products such as red meat. So, vegans are very vulnerable to experiencing this nutrient deficiency. "Vitamin B12 is important for the nervous and immune systems, and the formation of red blood cells," Bond said. 

4. Calcium 

We find lots of calcium in milk and green vegetables. For those who have problems with bone density, it is very important to consume it. Nutritionist Priya Tew said calcium is beneficial for maintaining bone health. Low calcium levels in the blood, known as hypocalcemia, can cause symptoms such as muscle shrinkage, cramps, and even seizures. These symptoms can also be caused by lack of vitamin D. 

5. Folid acid

Nutrition experts from Harley Street, England, say pregnant women really need this nutrient.

"All women planning a pregnancy should take folic acid," he explained.

Folic acid is also needed for women who are pregnant to the age of 12 weeks. Folic acid can prevent nerve disorders such as spina bifida or birth defects when the baby's spinal cord fails to develop. 

6. Vitamins A and C 

Many nutritionists advise us to get vitamins A and C from the food we consume. This is because we can find vitamin A in foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes. Meanwhile, we can find Vitamin C in foods such as kiwi and red peppers. 

However, children have specific rules for consuming vitamins A and C. "Children from the age of 5-6 years who consume formula milk are less than 500 milliliters to consume vitamins A and C every day," Bond said. 

For parents who have children difficult to eat, can try a variety of menus that contain this vitamin. "This vitamin helps prevent vitamin deficiency and maintain normal growth and health in children," Bond added.

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