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4 Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements

4 Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements - Today many people suffer from obesity or obesity, these health problems are triggered by poor eating habits such as not paying attention to the calorie content in these foods, besides the habits of fast food, fried foods, canned foods are triggers of obesity.

To deal with the problem of obesity, not a few people go on a diet to lose weight, but some people are lazy to do a healthy diet and choose short cuts such as using supplements that can lose weight quickly. 

4 Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements
4 Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements

Indeed, some supplements can help, but on the other hand, the use of supplements will invite a risk of health hazards. What are the risks? see the review as we reported from the page 

4 Side Effects of Using Weight Loss Supplements:

1. Risk of heart disease 

Many weight-loss drugs worked by speeding up the body's metabolism and heart rate to burn more energy. This causes an increase in heart rate or abnormal heart rhythm (arrhythmia) and triggers damage to the heart valve which can increase the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

2. Triggering Stroke Attacks 

Pieter Cohen, a professor of medicine from Harvard University in the United States, said that many substances in weight loss diet supplements are stimulants, so they work by stimulating the heart to pump faster which causes risk. Health conditions such as hypertension, which can cause strokes or brain bleeding. 

3. Damage to the Liver Organ 

Dr. Moyad, MD, Director of Alternative Medicine and Preventive Medicine at the University of Michigan, says the liver is an important organ that helps the body process nutrients in food, cleansing harmful substances in the body. and plays a role in stabilizing blood sugar, but adding dietary supplements to weight loss can cause these functions to be affected. A 2011 study from Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, USA founds that weight-loss supplements can cause acute liver toxicity and liver failure due to the accumulation of toxic enzymes. 

4. Blindness 

Similar studies have found evidence that weight-loss supplements can cause cataracts and vision problems. Cataracts can develop rapidly after the use of supplements without supervision because they can trigger changes in blood cell production and can cause permanent vision loss.

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