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7 Tips for Healthy and Fit Life from Meghan Markle

7 Tips for Healthy and Fit Life from Meghan Markle
Tips for Healthy and Fit Life from Meghan Markle/
Having a lot of busy life as a member of the British Royal Family does not make Meghan Markle forget about a healthy lifestyle. The following tips are to be kept fit, which he made on several occasions, as summarized by the Hello Magazine page .

- Take a relaxing time

The Duchess of Sussex considers me time aka quality time for yourself is a valuable investment. "I always give luxury to myself in the form of leisure time. Reduce pressure by watching television, playing with a pet dog, or enjoying a glass of wine . It is part of investment and self-balanced," he said.

- Stay motivated

Sometimes, someone will feel burdened if they imagine having to exercise every day with a tiring portion. However, Meghan always reminded himself to be motivated to do it all. "Health, peace of mind, the pleasant feeling after spending a lot of time at the gym, it always encourages me to keep going to the gym regularly," he said.

- Practicing yoga

Yoga and Meghan are two things that are difficult to separate. He once said, "My mother is a yoga instructor so that the activity of this body has flowed in my blood. I really like how intense the vinyasa class is, also the combination with hip-hop music or doing yoga in a dark room with burning candles. That's the best! "

- Exercise is a form of meditation

For Meghan, sport is a form of meditation that is important for the condition of the body and soul. "Running is a form of moving meditation for me, this activity allows me to get out of my head for a moment," he said. He has never missed a sport, even worked harder with coach Craig McNamee during the television Suits serial shooting process   in Toronto,

- Sports with friends

Exercising does not have to be alone or with a special trainer. Doing it with close friends or crowding will be very pleasant. "My friend Millie Macintosh always tells me about Russell Bateman, the initiator of the SBC Experience. When we were together in London, I would call to schedule a session with him," Meghan said in an interview.

- Love your uniqueness

This point may be more in line with tips for maintaining mental health. Meghan said that everyone has their own uniqueness, which should be accepted and loved as it is. Loving and accepting yourself is the most crucial thing. "Every time I look in the mirror, I see spots on my face and really like it," Meghan said.

- Breathe

In the most difficult and challenging conditions in life, Meghan mentions one of the easiest tips to get through, which is don't forget to breathe. Taking a deep breath will calm your thoughts and feelings. "Slowly and with full awareness," said the 37-year-old woman who will soon welcome the birth of the first child.

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