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Be Healthier! This 2018 Diet Trend Is Still Popular in 2019

Be Healthier! This 2018 Diet Trend Is Still Popular in 2019 - It seems that almost every year there is always a new diet trend that promises to help you lose weight, increase muscle tone, have more energy and "look" fit.

With all these dietary trends, certainly confusing which one is suitable for the application.

Moreover, it turns out that dietary trends that already exist in 2018 can still be applied in 2019. See here the explanation!

Be Healthier! This 2018 Diet Trend Is Still Popular in 2019

1. Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that is applied to reduce weight by maintaining a diet. This program focuses on low-carbohydrate foods and high healthy fats with proteins that enter the medium consumption window.

The Ketogenic Diet which is also called "Keto" which functions to drain the body's glucose storage so the body burns fat. This is done by limiting the number of carbohydrates consumed.

In the keto diet, people aim to consume about 5-10 percent of their total calories as carbohydrates.

The Ketogenic Diet consists mainly of healthy fats including avocados, nuts, milk full of fats, seeds, and healthy oils, such as olive oil.

This condition also encourages a lot of consumption of vegetables that are beneficial to any health. In the keto diet, vegetable choices tend to lean towards a group of non-flour vegetables, such as spinach, kale, cucumber, cauliflower, asparagus, and dark leafy vegetables.

2. Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet focuses on nourishing the body with food consumed by our ancestors. This includes protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. This diet is perfect for people who are looking for healthy lifestyle changes.

There is no calorie calculation or percentage, just eat whole food every time you feel hungry. Avoiding processed foods may increase the quality and nutrient density of food as well. Paleo encourages good quality meat and vegetables to lead a healthy paleo lifestyle.

The Paleo diet brings us back to basics. A good rule of thumb is that if the caveman does not eat it then neither do you. Paleo is very easy to follow.

There is a clear food list that you can and cannot eat. Paleo is simple.

Get rid of processed foods and replace them with whole foods that are rich in nutrients. This diet can realistically work for anyone at any age.

This helps replace bad eating habits with healthier alternatives. This is for people who want a healthy lifestyle type of diet that is truly sustainable.

3. Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline diet focuses on creating an alkaline state in the body by choosing foods that fight acidity and increase alkalinity.

Applying this diet you do not need to calculate the amount of food eaten.

The Alkaline diet is known for many health benefits including its ability to help protect bone density and muscle mass.

It also decreases inflammation in the body and helps overall immune function and metabolism. In essence, an alkaline diet is a dietary regimen that balances the PH in the body.

Acidic foods, such as meat, wheat, sugar, and processed foods can trigger acid, so it is not good for health.

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