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Best Diets 2019: Last Rank Keto, DASH Number One

Best Diet 2019 - One of the most sought after resolutions of the new year is losing weight. However, is it really the diet program that you live to achieve it? 

US News and World Report have just released a list of the best diet in 2019 and the lowest-ranked is keto and Dukan.

The keto diet is a diet that adopts a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fat, while a diet that is said to be run by Kate Middleton and Jennifer Lopez is a diet that recommends consuming only protein and water for five days.

Best Diets 2018: Last Rank Keto, DASH Number One
Best diet 2019/ 

As reported by CNN, Thursday (06/01/2019), a low carbohydrate diet pattern is very influential for health in the long run even though it is effective in losing weight.

The two diets above work by causing ketosis, a condition in which the body breaks down the fat eaten and stored into a ketone to be used as an energy source.

Not surprisingly, when running a diet like this, a person will feel dizzy and easily fatigued because the body must adjust to a lack of carbohydrates.

The board of experts consisting of 25 experts at various US medical centers is also concerned about the high-fat content in people who are on the keto diet. The diet recommends 70 percent of daily calories come from fat and very low carbohydrate levels, only 15 to 20 net carbs per day.

In fact, the 2015-2020 diet guidelines for Americans recommend that 45-65 percent of daily calories come from carbohydrates and less than 10 percent of calories come from saturated fat.

"When you do a keto diet, you have drastically cut carbohydrates to 20 per day. That's less than one apple !" said nutritionist Lisa Drayer.

Experts are especially concerned about the effects of this diet on people who have liver and kidney disorders. Because there is not enough evidence to explain whether such a diet pattern is good for people with heart problems and diabetes.

A diet like this is also feared to cause hormone fluctuations. Meanwhile, another low-carbohydrate diet that was equally popular, the Whole30, also received poor ratings. A diet that recommends not to consume artificial sweeteners, alcohol, rice, processed white flour, and milk for 30 days is even third in the bottom, after keto and Dukan, along with a raw food diet.

On its website, the Whole30 diet is claimed to be able to stop unhealthy appetite, restore metabolism, heal the digestive tract, and balance the immune system.

However, all these claims are doubted by experts who call them "not supported by independent research, irrationality, and extreme restrictions."

Recommended best diet 2019

After being investigated, the Mediterranean diet for the first time occupied the top position as a diet pattern recommended with the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) which has been in the top position for eight consecutive years. Both are considered superior in maintaining a healthy body.

Drayer said, what I like about the DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet is that both offer the principle of a food guide. Like eating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, peas, beans, and low-fat dairy foods.

Not only helps you lose weight, but the DASH diet is also called being able to reduce blood pressure.

The premise is simple: eat more vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy foods that have high nutrition, and reduce saturated fat and salt intake.

The recommended diet is three servings of wheat every day, four to six servings of vegetables, four to six servings of fruit, two to four servings of dairy products, and several servings of meat, grains, or nuts.

Studies have shown a diet like this can reduce blood pressure in a matter of weeks.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean diet is considered the best for diabetics, even though he is second for a healthy heart diet after the DASH diet.

Experts have linked it with stronger bones, a healthier heart, lower risk of dementia and breast cancer, longer lifespan, and a reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

In the Mediterranean diet, someone is recommended to consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and olive oil.

Meanwhile, refined sugar and flour are not allowed, and butter must be limited. Meat can appear in the Mediterranean menu, but only to add flavor to the cuisine. Eggs, milk, and poultry may also be consumed, only in smaller portions.

Instead, fish is highly recommended to be the main food and a glass of wine may be served at dinner.

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