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Ex Personal Instructor Beckham Shares Fitness Tips at Home

Ex Personal Instructor Beckham Shares Fitness Tips at Home
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Former David Beckham personal instructor, Shona Vertue shared tips on fitness movements that can be done at home for 25 minutes. According to the Australian woman, this fitness movement is suitable to be done as a simple routine.

"This can be done among the most awkward family Christmas meetings. Repeat every movement for 45 seconds," Shona told The Guardian on Friday (28/12).

 1. Glute Bridge or Lie on your back

This pose is done by lying on your back with the distance of your feet as far as your hips, knees bent. Move your heels forward. Lift your hips off the floor, keep the tailbone tucked, then slowly dropdown.

 2. Chair Push up or Push up in the Chair

Place a chair on the wall. Do the push-up position by facing the chair and place your hand on the chair. Pull the abdomen and tuck the tailbone. Slowly lower your chest towards the chair, keeping your elbows close. Keep the core tight and push it back.

 3. Squat to Chair or Squat to a Chair 

Stand in front of the chair (facing away) then take a little further distance. The toes change slightly. Sit down while keeping your chest upright and pushing your hips back. Push your knees out wide when you stand up.

 4. Glute March or Glute Movement

Place a chair on the wall. Sit on the floor, leaving your shoulder against the edge of the chair. Lift the hips to align with the shoulders. Slip the tailbone and lift your right leg from the floor, bend your knees. Lower and repeat on the left side.

5. Wide-legged burpees or wide-legged Burpe

Start standing with your feet a little as wide as your hip. Point your hands to the floor, jump feet back, wide, to the push-up position. Lower your body to the floor. Push up, and jump feet to the outside of the hand. Squeeze the glutes to jump up. Land and repeat.

Shona said, repeat the series of five movements five times.

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