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Kelly Clarkson's Anti Mainstream Diet, Cut Weight Plus Expels Disease

Images Credits: Instagram/Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Anti Mainstream Diet, Cut Weight Plus Expels Disease - American Idol graduate singer Kelly Clarkson has a full body. But now, Kelly appears with a more ideal and healthy body. The secret of decreasing body weight is simple. Claiming not to exercise and still eating his favorite food, Kelly told me about his efforts to be healthier, quoted from

Apparently, Kelly underwent a diet inspired by the book The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers In 'Healthy Foods' That Cause Disease And Weight Gain by Steven Gundry. Kelly claims the new diet is very effective and even able to overcome the thyroid disorder that has long been suffered.

When interviewed by NBC's Today Show, Kelly said, "I have autoimmune diseases and thyroid problems since 2006. Then I read the book and practiced the tips. The results are amazing! The best part is not only losing weight, but I no longer consume drugs medicine, my circulatory system has improved and I have not taken medicine since February. "

The mother of two said she still ate her favorite foods such as fried chicken and cake, but replaced the ingredients with tapioca flour or almond flour. Unfortunately, it costs a lot to run the diet. "To be honest, this is expensive. I hope the government can intervene to provide affordable healthy food.

I used to come from a poor family, parents were unable to give me healthy food. Even though the diet had a big influence on my health. Autoimmune diseases disappear and weights I dropped 17 kg, "Kelly said.

As per the title, the book breaks a lot of information that is widely circulating about healthy food. In the book explained about gluten and lectins (a protein derived from plants) commonly found in healthy food ingredients such as wheat, beans, fruit, and vegetables. It is said that lectins cause inflammatory reactions in the body that can trigger disease and gain weight.

Some of the solutions offered in the book include peeling vegetables. Because many lectins are contained in leaves, skinned vegetables and fruits and seed plants. In addition, it is recommended to consume fruit according to the season. One more trick that is contrary to the health tip that we often hear, is to replace brown rice with white rice which is easier to digest.

Kelly added, "The way is by understanding and sorting food. Including what is done to food, for example, the use of pesticides and foods with genetic engineering and hormones. We also need to understand that chemical drugs can damage the body, so I don't consume drugs except if you really need it. "

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