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Speed ​​up weight loss with a booster diet supplement, is it safe?

Speed ​​up weight loss with a booster diet supplement, is it safe? - Want to obey weight, but lazy diet. Even though I have already intended to diet, the implementation is zero.

Not a few women feel that. Indeed, the ideal body weight cannot be obtained in an instant. Must be done in full discipline.

But again, not a few are impatient to see the results so they prefer short cuts, one of them is the booster diet method through the consumption of weight-loss pills or supplements.

There are various pills and diet booster supplements on the market. Basically, this supplement contains ingredients that work to suppress appetite and increase fat burning.

According to the scientific review of several dietary supplements, the results indeed felt, the weight dropped even though it was so small that it often didn't feel.

Speed ​​up weight loss with a booster diet supplement, is it safe?
Speed ​​up weight loss with a booster diet supplement, is it safe?/picnic

Although weight-loss supplements are easily found in pharmacies, drug stores, and even online, these supplements are not always safe.

This is because some supplements contain dangerous chemicals or have doses that are said to be risky, as Mark Moyard, MD, director of Preventive and Alternative Medicine at the University of Michigan said and author of the Supplement Handbook.

If you want to take a diet supplement, you should really pay attention to the composition of the ingredients or at least consult with your doctor first.

Dr. Moyad doesn't say diet supplements are not effective. Doctors can just give us recipes for diet supplements, but with some considerations, one of them is our medical history.

If the consumption is accompanied by diet and exercise, dietary supplements will accelerate weight loss.

However, taking long-term dietary supplements (especially if you don't prescribe a doctor) will have side effects that are just as dangerous as the effects of obesity. Here are 4 of them.

Damaging the heart

Many diet supplements and drugs work by speeding up your metabolism and heart rate to increase fat burning energy. Because it is an artificial stimulation, this supplement can cause an irregular heartbeat or even damage heart function.

Increasing Stroke Risk

Stimulants contained in many dietary supplements will increase blood pressure. This means that bleeding can occur in the brain and stroke. Pieter Cohen, MD, professor of medicine at the Cambridge Health Alliance, explains that the safest stimulant is caffeine.

Even so, you must remain vigilant, especially if it's pure caffeine, because according to him, "One tablespoon of pure caffeine is quite deadly for many people."

Interfering with the Function of the Heart

Based on studies conducted by Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, fat-burning supplements have been shown to cause liver poisoning and failure. 

These supplements will basically be toxic in the liver. Even other studies say dietary supplements are closely related to hepatitis due to liver inflammation.

Dizziness and buzzing ears

Must be vigilant again. The appendage of "green tea extract" on supplements does not always make the supplement look natural and safe. 

Drinking green tea is good, but it turns out that there are green tea extracts on the composition of dietary supplements that should be avoided because it gives the effect of dizziness, buzzing ears, increasing blood pressure, and damaging the liver.

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