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Unique Diet Chris Pratt Inspired by the Diet of the Saints

Unique Diet Chris Pratt Inspired by the Diet of the Saints
Chris Pratt Diet/ YouTube
Unique Diet Chris Pratt Inspired by the Diet of the Saints - Star-Lord cast in Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt has a unique diet method. He made a diet based on what was written in the scriptures.

Quoted from Page Six on Wednesday (1/23/2019), the 39-year-old actor said on Instagram that he was going Fasting Daniel (Daniel Fast). In that post, he had undergone Daniel's Fasting on the third day of the 21-day program.

"Hi, Chris Pratt is here. The third day of Daniel's Fasting, look, this is 21 days of prayer and fasting," said Pratt as reported by People magazine.

Based on the official website of Daniel Fast, this fast is based on the experience of fasting a saint in the Old Testament. This fast is claimed to help people get closer to God.

People who do fast Daniel can only eat foods that grow from seeds such as fruit and vegetables. Also, they are allowed to eat seeds. To drink, the followers are only allowed to consume water.

In addition to reducing certain foods, his followers also conduct daily Bible studies. Either alone, with the pastor, or with a prayer group.

Obtained from a spiritual message

This unique diet has actually existed for decades and was popularized by blogger Kristian Susan Gregory in 2007.

His writing was then electronically posted to be popular. This diet became famous in the church congregation. Including the evangelical church where Pratt and his fiancee, Katherine Schwarzenegger are members.

"When we limit food consumption, we make ourselves aware that this is a different experience," Gregory said.

"Food is a major part of our daily lives so that when we eat differently, that food calls us to a different way of life."

Responsibility with religion

Dietitian expert Leslie Bonci said the spiritual aspect of this diet could be the basis for Christians in their diet.

"When something has a religious foundation, it can be very helpful," Bonci said.

"There is responsibility. We tend to pay attention when there is religion involved - there is a feeling, someone is watching. You have a guard to talk," he added.

Bonci said, there is nothing wrong with doing the diet. Most importantly, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the time needed to prepare them.

For Chris Pratt, this is not a problem. However, such things are sometimes difficult for people who are not celebrities.

What Bonci is worried about is that some people may find it is difficult to adjust their diet to the cost of their daily lives.

He added, the adherents of this diet must also be careful and consume adequate protein and maintain a balanced diet.

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