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Want a lean body on foot? Here are the tips

Fitness experts assess, walking is far more effective than running if you want to lose weight. Only, what kind of walking effectively makes this slim body?

As stated, fitness specialist who is also the Center Manager of the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Chris Gagliardi, walking can not only burn calories but also increase strength, reduce cholesterol and improve heart function and help oxygen flow throughout your body.

Quoted from the Liputan6 website from the Prevention page, quoted on Sunday (01/13/2019), here are some tips from Gagliardi, what are you doing, let's watch.

Want a lean body on foot? Here are the tips
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Want a lean body on foot? Here are the tips

1. Stand straight

One of the biggest mistakes people make when walking is the body leaning forward because it can slow down, said Gagliardi.

"Maintaining a good and upright posture will be more efficient," he explained.

It also makes it easier for you to draw and exhale deeply so that it moves faster and farther.

2. Take steps

Think of your efforts to walk from the residential area and overtime to get farther and faster. Fast walking will also be a good power walk for most people, Gagliardi said.

3. Walk and still can talk

You can get certain accuracy and speed when walking on a treadmill or using a GPS tracking watch or recording your statistics and making you know your speed. But if you can't do it, how to measure the intensity is to pay attention to the breath.

"If during walking with moderate intensity, you must be able to speak but not sing," said Gagliardi.

To increase the burning of higher calories when walking fast, push speed until you have difficulty speaking in one full sentence.

4. Hand balance

Hand swings are effective enough to push your body forward, increase your heart rate, and tighten your upper body. Gagliardi recommends that your arms be bent 90 degrees to make it easier for you to walk quickly.

5. Activate your abdominal muscles

One important reason to keep your abdominal muscles help to keep your spine safe. However, walking is an exercise that should help you maintain a good posture, Gagliardi said.

6. Take the load

Bringing a pair of light dumbbells while walking may be a good strategy, Gagliardi said. Walking with a load will increase your calorie burning.

A 2013 studies found that wearing a vest that weighs at least 10 percent of your body mass can increase your calorie burning by 13 percent.

7. Add intervals

Adding intervals can burn more calories during and after your workout. This will also increase oxygen consumption after excessive exercise (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). You can increase the speed for a few minutes or a certain distance.

"For example, select a focal point in the distance, such as a stop sign, and walk at a faster pace. Then, you can walk with hand movements, such as holding your hand above your head, until you reach your target.

To be truly maximal, you can do repetitions in low to high places.

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