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Afraid to experience eye infections due to using contact lenses? Come on, Avoid With These 4 Ways

Contact lenses, contact lenses, are now more in demand than ordinary glasses. Besides being more practical, the choice of colorful lenses will make your eyes more beautiful. However, there are still people who do not want to use contact lenses for fear of having an eye infection. Actually, the effect of using these lenses is very likely to be prevented, really. Come on, take a peek at how to use the correct contact lenses so the eyes are free of infection.
Afraid to experience eye infections due to using contact lenses? Come on, Avoid With These 4 Ways
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Eye infections, the most common effect of contact lenses

The most common effect of contact lenses is an infection of the eye. Usually, this is caused by the habit of using contact lenses that are not right. The eye area is very sensitive and very easily infected. Rubbing your eyes with dirty hands can increase the chances of eye infections. Especially if you don't use contact lenses incorrectly.

This is how to use the correct contact lenses to be free of infection

1. Make sure your hands are clean

First, wash your hands with clean water and soap. Then, dry with a clean towel. Use the tip of your index finger and middle finger to pick up contact lenses from the container. Using the other hand, spread the top and bottom of your eyelids.

Gently place contact lenses on the white part of your eyes. Close your eyes slowly, then move your eyeball and blink a few times until it is perfectly installed.

To remove it, make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly, then point your eyes upward, sliding the lens to the white part of the eye slowly. Pinch contact lenses using your index and thumb gently, then remove them from your eyes. If the method of installing and removing it is correct, you can avoid the risk of eye infections.

2. Don't forget to clean contact lenses

There are types of contact lenses that can immediately be discarded after use, and there are also timed lenses that need to be cleaned regularly. Well, the effect of using contact lenses occurs if the lens is rarely cleaned. When cleaning contact lenses, use cleaning fluids and eye drops that are suitable for the type and brand you use.

To clean it, place contact lenses in the palm of your hand. Then, gently rub using the index finger. Repeat this every time the contact lens is used.

3. Store contact lenses in place

Contact lenses are very vulnerable to exposure to dust and dirt. Therefore, you need to be careful in keeping away from everyday objects that are the source of both.

Prevent lens surfaces in direct contact with tap water, bottled water, or distilled water. Routinely replace fluids in contact lens places, and don't forget to change places every three months. As much as possible, don't also let the tip of the bottle come into contact with fingers, eyes, or other objects.

4. Avoid bad habits that cause eye infections

Eye infections due to contact lenses are usually triggered by the bad habits of users. The following are things that you should look at in using contact lenses:
  • Don't sleep using contact lenses because this will make you sleep
  • it becomes dry and triggers irritation.
  • Avoid using contact lenses owned by others, especially if the lens has been used.
  • Remove contact lenses if you want to swim, because pool water contains bacteria and dirt that can cause infection in the eye.
  • Make sure you remove the remaining cleaning fluid from the storage area. Always use a new liquid to store the contact lenses you have used.
  • Do not use cleaning fluid that has expired, even though there is still plenty of liquid left and looks clear.

By applying the right way to use contact lenses, you can reduce the risk of eye infections. The effects of using other lenses, such as irritation can also be prevented by using the right lens.

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