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Animal Or Vegetable Protein, Which Is More Effective For A Diet?

Those who are in the program to lose weight must be pickier when eating. We may tend to choose foods that are healthy, low fat, and low in sugar.

But if faced with animal protein and vegetable protein, which foods should we choose so that the diet is more successful?

It's not only fiber that can help you lose weight, but also proteins that have a primary function as building substances.

Animal Or Vegetable Protein, Which Is More Effective For A Diet
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In several studies, it was found that protein had its own way of helping with weight loss. How can protein help you lose weight?

  • Prevent stomach rumbling. 
  • Can increase the number of calories burned. 
  • Helping hormone work that affects body weight becomes more effective. 
  • Build and build muscle.

Therefore, many rely on protein while dieting. However, which type of protein is more effective and most reliable when on a diet, vegetable protein or animal protein?

Maybe many of us think vegetable protein is better consumed in a strict diet. What from plants does indeed seem more promising and feels safer for fat in the body. In fact, this is not entirely true.

Vegetable Protein and Animal Protein, Which Is Better?

Animal protein can also help us lose weight. In fact, animal protein is more effective in forming and increasing muscle mass. When compared with vegetable protein, animal protein is still more effective for muscles.

Now, with increasing muscle mass, the fat deposits will be eliminated slowly. Instead, the weight will go down and the muscles will get stronger and tighter. In the end, there is no fat that sags on the arms, stomach, or thighs.

However, make no mistake, this can only happen if we also train the body muscles. So, you can't just eat animal protein, then your muscles are formed and your weight is down. We have to do regular exercise.

How much protein should be consumed in order to lose weight?

This should be adjusted to the daily calorie needs. Usually, if people are dieting, then the calories that should be fulfilled in a day are around 1,500-1,800 calories. Well, protein requirements for adults are normally 10-15 percent of daily calorie needs.

Or we can also eat protein as much as 0.8-1 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in one day. So, suppose you weigh 65 kg, that means the protein requirements needed are around 52-65 grams of protein per day.

Even though animal protein is more effective in building muscle, we can combine these two types of protein in the diet every day. That way, the food menu is also more diverse and more nutrients are obtained.

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