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6 Choices of the Right Energy Booster Food for You Who Are Active All Day

Energy Booster Food - Not all foods make you refreshed and re-energized after experiencing fatigue that is very energy intensive. Some types of food actually make you more tired. Usually, this is because the selection of your food is not good. Food is the main energy ingredient, wrongly choosing the energy you produce is not optimal. Therefore, it is important to sort out healthy energy-enhancing foods that will restore your energy to its original state.

The choice of energy booster food that must be on the daily menu

Energy Booster Food
images credits: Leslie Kenton

1. Carbohydrate complex

Carbohydrates become one of the nutrients that are the main energy source. But don't just choose carbohydrates, because there are two types of carbohydrates, which are complex and simple. Both are both carbohydrates but will go through a different digestive process.

Simple carbohydrates, which usually consist of sugar or sweet foods, will be directly converted into the body's blood sugar which is then processed into energy. If you consume this food too much, it will actually increase blood sugar and make you tired quickly.

In contrast to complex carbohydrates that are longer converted into energy by the body. This makes the body full longer so that it can restore lost energy and keep it there for the next few hours. Examples of complex carbohydrates are rice, bread, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

For example sweet potatoes, besides being able to supply energy, sweet potatoes contain potassium. Potassium helps maintain the body's electrolyte balance so that it keeps body fluids normal. Potassium in sweet potatoes can make the body relax and lower blood pressure so that it reduces stress on the body which can make the body feel tired. The natural sweetness of sweet potatoes is also believed to make the body regain energy after a day of work.

Even better if you choose complex carbohydrates that contain lots of fiber, such as brown rice or whole wheat bread. Foods like this will keep your energy awake and not easily tired.

2. Lean protein

Protein helps keep the stomach full between meals. This nutrient can also make your blood sugar levels stable, so as to prevent a surge of energy that can make the body tired.

Energy-boosting foods derived from protein are sources of animal and vegetable foods, such as beef, chicken, fish, and beans. Avoid proteins that contain a lot of fat, such as lean beef, innards, and chicken skin. Instead of getting energy, you spend energy to digest it.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetables

The fresher the food you consume, the richer the nutrients it contains. Foods that are rich in nutrients are important to restore the body's energy. Fruit and processed vegetables through many processes that can reduce their nutrients.

If the nutrients in it are reduced, the body will not get the maximum benefit from the food you eat. Bananas are a good choice because they contain potassium, fiber, vitamins, and complex carbohydrates that can make a big boost of energy for the body.

4. Canned food and packaging

Processed foods such as canned foods and ready-to-eat foods usually contain many additives such as trans fat , sodium, and other artificial compositions which can reduce your energy.

Therefore, it is recommended to consume foods that have minimal processing to make your energy increase.

5. Beans and grains

Nuts and seeds are the best food source to get rid of fatigue and overcome hunger. Incorporating various menus of nuts and seeds into your healthy snacks can be a wise choice because they contain lots of nutrients and can also be used as a healthy energy source. You can eat almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

6. Oatmeal

The last energy-enhancing food is oatmeal, not just a menu that can be eaten for breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal can provide enough fiber to get you back up.

Choose oatmeal without added sugar so that your blood sugar levels don't increase dramatically. You can also add milk and low-fat yogurt, a little honey, and berries for added nutrition and delicacy.

In addition to consuming the right energy-enhancing foods, another thing to note is eating small portions every few hours throughout the day. The point is to provide a supply of nutrients to the body and brain throughout the day.

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  1. With the right amount of exercise and good quality and quantity of sleep, energy boosting foods will surely keep the busiest of us going.