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9 Advice on Diet for Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes do need special treatment in eating food. Doctors also often recommend a variety of certain nutrients that should be consumed as a diet for diabetes. As reported by Health Me Up (07/20), here is also a diet suggestion for diabetics that can be lived as a guide to daily eating.

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Sugar contains glucose which can seep into cells with the help of the hormone insulin. Because diabetes has problems with the hormone insulin, you should limit sugar intake.


High-fiber foods are effective in reducing cholesterol and sugar levels in Sarah, so diabetics are advised to consume lots of foods such as oats or oats.


Milk is the right combination of carbohydrates and proteins that can control blood sugar levels. Patients with type-2 diabetes can consume milk twice a day as a healthy diet.

Fats are good

Good fat is unsaturated fat that regulates bad cholesterol and diabetes. Discover the fat content in olive oil, salmon and nuts.


The best fruit recommended for diets for diabetics is papaya, apples, oranges, pears, and red guava. Conversely, fruits containing fructose, such as mangoes, bananas, and grapes should be avoided because they can aggravate diabetes.


Vegetables rich in vitamins and fiber are highly recommended for diabetics. Find the best vegetables in beans, broccoli, spinach, and other leafy vegetables for daily consumption.

Small Portion

For the problem of a portion of food, diets for diabetes should often eat small amounts rather than rarely eat but large portions. This is done to balance blood sugar levels.

Meal plan

For starters, you can calculate the carbohydrate intake that your doctor recommends. Then get used to change the system or daily diet. Thus, diabetics will easily adapt and get used to a healthy diet.

Sample Menu

  • Breakfast: A cup of sugarless tea, a glass of nonfat milk, whole wheat bread or oatmeal, two egg whites and sprouts as vegetables.
  • Lunch: Salad, Maryam bread, green vegetables, and fruits.
  • Dinner: Salad, rice or Maryam bread, milk, green vegetables, and fruits.
Between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner, you can also enjoy sugarless tea along with healthy snacks like beans.

In addition to undergoing a healthy diet mentioned above, a diet for diabetes should exercise regularly to maintain health and fitness.

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