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Super Tight Diet from Beyonce Before Appearing at Coachella

Super Tight Diet from Beyonce Before Appearing at Coachella
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Super Tight Diet from Beyonce Before Appearing at Coachella - After giving birth to the twins Rumi and Sir in 2017, Beyonce's weight rose dramatically. According to the Vogue report, the weight of the wife of JayZ at that time reached 216 pon.

The mother of 3 children then had to perform at Coachella in April 2018 yesterday. Of course, Beyonce must do various preparations to be able to perform well. Not only costumes, songs, and choreography, Beyonce also has to start a diet to be able to return to fitness.

If dietary supplement's friends often hear various types of strict diets, it seems that Bey's hard work is much harder to restore her original shape. Reported from Women's Health Magazine, Bey did a diet taboo; bread, carbohydrates, sugar, dairy products, red meat, fish, and alcohol.

"To reach the target, I limit myself from eating bread, carbohydrates, sugar, processed milk, red meat, fish, and alcohol. I am hungry," Beyonce was quoted as saying in Women's Health Magazine.


Apparently, the diet that was part of the preparation for Coachella was included in a documentary called Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé, which aired on Netflix. Not only shows how he prepares show- it is so magnificent, but also every detail of the pre-Coachella diet.

Actually, Bey and her husband often go through a healthy diet and lifestyle. In 2013, Bey and Jay carried out a 22-day vegan challenge that inspired many people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.

Then they also exercised with physiologist Marco Borges and even created a product line in the form of protein bars and powders for vegan people, 22-Day Nutrition.

Even though he had succeeded with this super-strict diet, Bey claimed he still had a little fat on his stomach. "But I am not in a hurry to eliminate it," he said.

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