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5 Tips for Increasing a Safe and Healthy Weight

5 Tips for Increasing a Safe and Healthy Weight
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Tips for Increasing a Safe and Healthy Weight - One of the biggest problems that are often experienced by many people is obesity. A rapid increase in fat in the body makes the bodyweight uncontrolled. Finally, the condition of obesity cannot be prevented. Although many are struggling with the problem of obesity, not a few also have to struggle with their bodies that tend to be thin and difficult to increase their weight.

Criteria for underweight people
Someone is said to have underweight or low body condition if the Body Mass Index or BMI is below 18.5. Normally, someone will have an index between 18.5 and 24.9. If you have a scale above 25, it means that you are overweight or overweight. Then if the index is above 30, you are said to be obese.

Someone who has a thin body and his weight is less likely to experience problems with his nutrition. Maybe from a young age, it often lacks nutrients that affect the body as an adult. Apart from that little eating habits also trigger this condition. Health problems and body shape in general also have a stake in problems with less weight.

Having less weight does not mean you are declared unhealthy and sick. A person can be healthy with a very low BMI. However, they are very at risk of experiencing some health problems. So, being too thin or too fat is also very dangerous.

The health risks of people underweight
So far, health problems have always been linked to people who are obese. However, even those who experience underweight are still at risk of experiencing problems. From several studies conducted, a person with the underweight or too thin condition is prone to die young. The risk for men is 140 percent greater and women are 100 percent greater than those with normal weight.

With a large risk, the impact obtained by those who are underweight is more severe than those who are overweight and obese. Someone with obese conditions even has the possibility of dying faster by 50 percent.

Having a body that is too thin is also associated with immunity problems. Someone with this condition will easily get sick because of their low endurance. They will easily experience an infection or the like. Furthermore, the risk of experiencing bone loss is also large. In women, this condition can lead to osteoporosis and fractures.

Women who are too thin often experience problems with menstruation. Some people menstruate or are irregular. Irregular menstruation makes women experience problems with their reproductive organs. The problem can be an ovarian disorder until it is difficult to experience pregnancy.

People with thin bodies also tend to be weak. The little muscle that is owned makes the instrument not strong. Lifting heavy objects to walk a little distance will be very painful.

How to increase your weight quickly and safely
If you experience a problem with too much weight, the best way to deal with it is to eat more. However, you still have to pay attention to some rules so that weight gain runs smoothly.

The body must have a surplus of calories

The first rule and very simple if you want to gain weight. The first is to increase daily calorie intake. If the body does not experience a surplus, it will be difficult for the body to add fat and muscle. So, make sure you calculate your daily calorie needs first and add new calories as much as 500-1000 calories.

In comparison, a person who has a surplus of 1,000 calories a week will have a bodyweight gain of 0.9-1 kilograms. In one month, you can go up to 4 kilograms.

  • Eat more protein
Take more protein if you want to have massive muscle growth. Quality protein will make muscle synthesis run fast. Especially if you consume it after exercise and use whey type powder protein.

If muscles are easily formed, weight also increases. Therefore, prepare protein as needed.

Healthy fats and carbohydrates 3 times a day
Supporting good protein is fat and carbohydrates. You can consume various healthy fats such as omega-3 fats from sea fish. Furthermore, carbohydrates can be obtained from white rice. If you want a healthier one you can use brown rice or sweet potatoes.

Eat these two sources of nutrition at least 3 times a day. You can eat up to 6 times a day with fewer servings.

  • Healthy snack

Calories from heavy foods sometimes make it difficult for us to accept them. Conditions like one can happen. Well, if you do not want to experience interference when eating, try alternating with snacks only. Various seeds and nuts are very suitable for increasing body weight.

  • Weightlifting
Some people say that if you want your body to enlarge, don't exercise too much. Later the calories eaten will burn. However, with exercise, the body will be encouraged to build new muscles. Especially after tired of exercise, you immediately supply it with fast-absorbing protein.

As said earlier, people with underweight conditions tend to get tired faster and have lower strength. By lifting weights, the body will experience increased muscle strength. So, when the body enlarges, its strength also increases.

Here are some reviews about some ways you can do to gain weight properly. Now, from some of the methods above, what have you ever done to make a lean body more full? Do the tips above well and if necessary consult with a doctor to be given a more precise and directed method.

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