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These 2 Diet Methods are criticized by Nutrition Experts

These 2 Diet Methods are criticized by Nutrition Experts - Nutrition and health expert Dr. Tan Shot Yen criticized several dietary methods, especially ketogenic and food combining that were considered unhealthy on the medical side.

"For example, the ketogenic diet that relies on fat and protein as a source of carbohydrates or energy in the body, the body is finally forced to take fat because it is considered an emergency," he was quoted from Antara on Sunday (05/05/2019).

Credits: Pixabay

Dr. Tan gave a parable of the ketogenic diet such as a motorcycle that had been able to walk because of its fuel from gasoline, suddenly the fuel was replaced with oil.

When proteins and fats that are processed by the body become energy sources, he continued, it is not a normal reaction but rather the body translates the individual to experience starvation for a long time so that eventually it takes fat. 

According to him, if you consume too much fat, the fat will settle in blood vessels and liver cells. Also, he criticized the food combining diet because the body needs a balanced intake.

"So if there are those who say they only eat fruit, the digestive system has been perfectly designed by God so that any type of food that comes in already has an enzyme that helps digest it," he said. 

The keto diet is a diet that limits carbohydrate consumption strictly to create a condition of the body falling in a state of ketosis. 

Under normal circumstances, ketosis occurs when a person does not consume carbohydrates or consume very little carbohydrates so that the body begins to break down fat as a source of energy to make the breakdown of fat called ketones accumulate in the body. 

Meanwhile, food combining is a way of regulating food that aims to achieve the body's homeostatic conditions, and one sign is that the body's pH tends to be slightly neutral towards alkaline and by combining food with the easiest hemostatic conditions available.

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