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Viral Diet ala Edsa Estella, Successfully Lowered 119 Pound in 2 Years

Viral Diet ala Edsa Estella, Successfully Lowered 119 Pound in 2 Years
Images: Twitter @sangpisank)
Viral Diet ala Edsa Estella, Successfully Lowered 119 Pound in 2 Years - A Twitter user Edsa Estella, through her account @sangpisank, shared her experience when successfully losing weight by 54 kg for 2 years. In his tweet, Edsa told that his business started from small things first, and also he also routinely doing fitness and implementing a healthy lifestyle.

The number of numbers that he managed to reduce, made citizens interested in wanting to listen to how Edsa's efforts and whatever efforts he did until he healthily gained the desired weight.

Four stages of a healthy diet

Edsa divides his diet tips into four stages by the weight reduction process experienced by dieters.

For stage I, when Edsa lost weight at 107 kg to 90 kg. Here are the tips:

  1. Drink plenty of water to help digestion and reduce weight
  2. Reduce food portions
  3. Eat plenty of vegetables to make you feel full longer
  4. Trying to be active, that is by relaxing walking
  5. Sports, can with Zumba /aerobic/modern dance that is recommended for fitness

For stage 2, when you want to lose weight from 90 kg to 70 kg. The tips include:

  1. Join the gym and can by taking cardio classes (training heart performance).
  2. Changing food, for food/drinks with high sugar levels can be replaced with food.
  3. Low sugar drinks
  4. Eat plenty of protein, by consuming protein the body can be firmer and make the feeling of fullness last longer
  5. Adjust your diet, if you get bored with healthy food menus, can allocate junk food at night but still controlled portions

For stage 3, when the body weight of 70 kg wants to go down to 53 kg, usually the physical changes begin to be noticeable. Can also do the following tips:

  1. Checking calorie levels, to find out how many calories the body needs, you can visit the site or download the myfitnesspal application.
  2. Tighten the rest of the skin after the weight has shrunk with workouts, such as planks, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and others.
  3. Cardio deficiency, in the third stage the body is prioritized to build muscle mass in addition to tightening the body, which can also accelerate the body's metabolism.
  4. Love more attention to the diet, can adjust the composition of food, fat, protein, and carbohydrates.
  5. Rest at least 7 hours a day, so that the body has a chance to recover and grow.
  6. Schedule workout and mealtimes, so that you can use the properties of food that can later become energy when working out.

For stage 4, which is to increase body weight into muscle mass which was originally 53 kg to 65 kg. Here are the tips:

  1. The portion of food added gradually, can by eating a lot with healthy food. Avoid fried foods, Santen, and sugar that is too sweet.
  2. Lots of food with protein intake, so that the body is filled and remains tight, but it is also useful so that the body shape is not bloated.
  3. Schedule free meals a week or two days, although you can eat your favorite foods with a frequency more often, of course, it is allowed after a workout so that nutrition enters the muscles.
  4. Work harder, after you finish your diet and get used to the gym (more powerful), then about yourself by lifting heavier weights.
  5. Reduce cardio, although it is reduced, cardio is still being done. It's just that the frequency of its activities was reduced to 2 times a week, it could be with basketball or futsal.
Also, Edsa revealed that during the trip he formed a healthier and better body, he also learned to respect people, learn to love oneself, and learn to understand themselves.

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