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Different Option Treatment of Mesothelioma

Different Option Treatment of Mesothelioma

Different Option Treatment of Mesothelioma - There is several option treatment of mesothelioma that patient can choose. Different mesothelioma treatments can be an alternative to choose from. The method that patients can choose depends on their cancer condition.

This is because treatment for mesothelioma is not expensive and needs regular and intensive therapy. The support from family, both emotional and spiritual, is essential for the patients to survive their mesothelioma cancer.

Treatment of mesothelioma option

There are no permanent methods for cure mesothelioma cancer. However, these treatments so helping in reduce pain and developing cancer.

  1. · Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is used for killing cancer cells in the body. Chemotherapy is used before and both surgery action.
  2. · Surgery. Surgery action is done by the patient’s cancer stage and location. The patients’ health also needs to determine when this action recommended for taking surgery. The statistic shows that there is only 1 from 5 patients that have pleural mesothelioma that go with surgery. The operation takes two main actions: the pleurectomy/ decortication and extrapleural pneumonectomy.
  3. · Radiation. Radiation is the first treatment method for mesothelioma. The radiation can target the tumor and shrink that makes other treatments for mesothelioma effective more. The challenge from radiation for treating mesothelioma is cancer that locates in closest to the heart and lungs.
  4. · Palliative treatment. The palliative treatment is management for the disease and keeping patients for feeling comfortable as long as possible. This is the stage where there are patients that enter the treatment facility, and the goal from the treatment is to maximize the comfort for patients. The procedure can be done by medication for less pain and difficulty breathing problem and another symptom experienced by them.

Cost of mesothelioma treatment

There are financial considerations that patients need to think before they take mesothelioma treatment as the treatment for mesothelioma is not cheap. For comparison, the average cost for lung cancer surgery is about $38.000. For chemotherapy cost about $30.000 per year with eight weeks. The radiation therapy is estimated cost average $$2.000 per month, and the total cost depends on health coverage and number treatments that get.

Consideration for mesothelioma treatment

As patients have different stages of mesothelioma development, the type of treatment for mesothelioma depends on the scene, diagnosis, and kind of mesothelioma. For cancer conditions that have not spread yet, the combination of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation will offer to the patients first.

When this treatment uses three approach treatments together, then it called multimodal therapy. For patients that experience significant mesothelioma cancer spreading, then typically treatment that recommended is palliative treatment as it can help in alleviating pains, breath problem and others cancer symptom that less the quality of life from the patients. 

The other alternative treatment for mesothelioma cancer, such as massage therapy, yoga, and acupuncture, can be added to add a significant number of the effectiveness of the treatment use. Each method has its benefit and purpose. Therefore, it is essential to consult with your doctor to take the best treatment of mesothelioma that gives maximum results depend on the patient’s condition.

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