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Heart attack treatment in Hospital and Home

Heart attack treatment in Hospital and Home
Heart attack treatment in Hospital and Home - Families and suffer need to know heart attack treatment when they are in hospital and home. It can be fatal when the person that has a heart attack are not in the right treatment. As we know that heart attack becomes the first leading death in recent decades.

Heart attack treatment in hospital

When your beloved one gets a heart attack, then you need to take it to the hospital immediately. When there is waiting for the medical hospital, then there are several things that you can do to reduce or help the beloved one. The person that gets a heart attack, after passing minute, there are more tissues in heart that lose much oxygen and make it deteriorates or died. The first aid for a heart attack is preventing heart damage and restores flow blood in a quick response.

Medications that give for treating heart attack include;

  • Aspirin. When you call 911, you might instruct to give the one with aspirin. Aspirin will reduce blood clotting and maintain blood flow in a narrowed artery.
  • Thrombolytic. This is a medication that helps dissolve the blood clots and release blood flow into the heart. This drug called with clot buster as it improves the chance of survival and less damage in your heart.
  • Antiplatelet agents. A doctor in the emergency room might give you drugs for preventing new blood clots appears and preventing existing clots from getting more significant.
  • Pain reliever. This is given for patients to reduce discomfort and pressure in the heart.
  • Nitroglycerin is a medication that uses for treating pain in the chest and increases blood flow in the heart by making blood vessels more full.
  • Blood-thinning medications. The medication such as heparin will help in reduce sticky blood and less in forming new clots. Heparin is given with injections under the skin.
  • · Beta Blocker is a medication that helps relaxing heart muscle, slower heartbeat, and reduces blood pressure. This also benefits in limit the damage in heart muscle and prevent the next heart attack.
Heart Attack Surgery Procedure

The other alternative for treating a heart attack is by surgery option. There are several options for surgical treatment for heart attack.

  • Coronary angioplasty. This is a surgical procedure that inserts a catheter into the artery that locates in the leg or groin purposed for the blocked artery in a patient’s heart. For heart attack, this procedure should take in immediately after the cardiac catheterization.
  • Coronary artery bypasses treatment. The emergency perform is bypass surgery in heart attack time. This treatment takes about t 3-7 days after the heart attack recovery for action. Once your heart is restored, then what you need to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle for preventing heart attack.

Heart attack healthy lifestyle

It is never late or never too young when to talk about heart attack; everyone should care about their heart from an earlier age. A healthy lifestyle will prevent and maintain a healthy heart. Choose a healthy eating diet, such as food with low saturated fats, sodium, and trans-fat. Eat more fruit and vegetables, fiber whole grains, seeds, and nuts.

Be active more physically for maintaining heart health. Take about 30 minutes of aerobic activity in moderate-intensity a day or combine with heavy intensity aerobic activity in a week. This healthy lifestyle will useful for heart attack treatment in the future.

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