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Heart Cancer Treatment, Symptom and Prevention

Heart Cancer Treatment, Symptom and Prevention
Cancer heart is rare cancer that develops in heart and needs intensive heart cancer treatment. The development of heart cancer can start from any part. The heart cancer is unique because the cell in the heart not divide. However, tumors can form and can lead to heart cancer. The statistic shows that there are about 0.0001% of all death.

Heart cancer symptom

The symptom of heart cancer is likely similar to heart disease. That why many people are not realizing the symptom and make them late in taking treatment for their cancer as cancer has spread into their body. The sign can include;

  • · Fatigues
  • · Pain in chests
  • · Irregular heart rhythm
  • · Short breath
  • · Excessive in sweating
  • · Loss of consciousness
  • · Swelling in ankles and feet
  • · Fainting, dizziness and lightheadedness
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In many cases, the symptoms are developing suddenly. To treat and manage the sign, taking radiation and chemotherapy is a good option. The sudden onset from heart failure can be earlier detection from heart cancer symptoms.

Heart cancer treatment options

There are several options for heart cancer that patients can choose based on their budget and heart cancer stadium. Some of them are having side effects that can cause heart damage or any other diseases as a side effect. But for those who has stage 1 cancer stadium, there is alternative treatment without harming the heart.

  1. Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses chemical agents from stopping the cancer cells' growth. With chemotherapy, it can eliminate the cancer cells in distances sites around the original cancer sites. The chemo is systematic treatment, and drugs given during this treatment can worsen the patient’s condition. Therefore before the patient takes the therapy, hey should consult about the medication before.
  2. Injection and drainage. The primary cardiac tumor is a heart cancer type that develops in tissues heart. The injection and drainage therapy is cancer treatment that drains the fluids that come from tumor secretion and reduce the pressures that interrupt the heart’s ability for pumping blood infrequently. Also, there are medication treatments that the purpose of slowing down tumor growth is injected.
  3. Radiation. This is heart cancer therapy that kills cancer cells' growth with high energy rays. Although the radiation said is the top rate in cure cancer disease, but it has a direct effect on the heart. For example, there is a case where there are congestive heart disease and heart murmurs that occurred during therapy. Also, radiation therapy can damage the heart as it also increases coronary disease risk.
  4. Heart transplantation. With heart transplantation, only able to apply to heart cancer condition that no spread yet to other body parts. The heart transplantation is the most risking treatment for heart cancer and also a complicated procedure. This needs accurate examination as there is a possibility for transplant rejection that can cause cancer recurrence. 
However, there are alternative procedures for heart transplantation called autotransplantation that can be another option. This heart cancer treatment removed the heart, and the tumor is extracted, and after it removed, the heart is replaced back into the body, and the heart will function in healthy ways again.

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