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8 Evidence when diabetes damages your body's health secretly

8 Evidence when diabetes damages your body's health secretly
Diabetes occurs when your blood sugar level rises significantly. Slowly but surely, diabetes can damage the health of other body parts. The reason is that all parts of the body will be filled with excess sugar content.

So, what is the effect of diabetes on the rest of the body? Reporting from Boldsky, here it is the explanation.

Damaging blood vessels

High blood sugar is known to damage the elasticity of blood vessels which then causes constriction. Some complications that occur due to the narrowing of the arteries are heart attacks, strokes, to organ damage.

Damaging nerves

When blood circulation deteriorates for years, diabetics can also experience nerve damage. The most common impact is numbness in the toes, hands, and feet which is then associated with an increased injury.

Can cause kidney failure

According to research from the American Diabetes Association, 44% of kidney failure occurs due to diabetes. The reason is that blood vessels damaged by diabetes make the kidneys fail to filter waste efficiently. The result is a buildup of toxins in the kidneys.

Increasing the risk of blindness

Again, narrowing of the arteries, the risk of blindness increases. The reason for this microvascular is that the eye does not get an adequate blood supply.

Causes gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a condition where the natural movement of food in the digestive tract slows down. This disorder occurs due to nerve damage. Some of the symptoms that accompany it are nausea, bloating, rising stomach acid, and abdominal pain.

Affects sex life

Microvascular and neurological complications of diabetes are known to cause sexual dysfunction. In men, this sexual dysfunction will increase the risk of impotence. Whereas in women can cause vaginal dryness, decreased sexual libido, and painful sexual intercourse.

Difficult wounds heal

Poor blood circulation can also make wounds difficult to heal or take a long time to heal. Plus, wounds that are difficult to heal are ideal for microbial growth. That is why the wound becomes festering.

Affect skin health

Early diagnosed with diabetes, sufferers will complain of dry skin and the appearance of dark spots or acanthosis nigrans. After that patients will be susceptible to boils to fungi.

That is the bad effect of diabetes on the health of your limbs. Therefore control your blood sugar so that diabetes does not threaten you.

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