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Healthy Lifestyle, Solutions to Avoid Cancer

Healthy Lifestyle, Solutions to Avoid Cancer
Healthy Lifestyle, Solutions to Avoid Cancer
Healthy Lifestyle, Solutions to Avoid Cancer Two doctors from Parkway Hospitals Singapore, Dr. Richard Quek, and Dr. Poh Beow Kiong solved the myths of cancer that can not be resisted. According to them, people do not need to be afraid of cancer.

Parkway Cancer Center's Senior Medical Oncologist Consultant, Dr. Richard Quek, said that cancer has always been linked to genetic diseases.

"It means, if our parents have a history of cancer, surely we can also get this disease. In fact, the fact that everyone can get cancer whether there is genetic disease or not," he said in a media gathering at Parkway Hospitals Singapore at Hotel Grandhika Semarang, Thursday (Thursday) 10/24).

According to Quek, all humans will be at risk of developing cancer. That can happen because the older the possibility of getting cancer it becomes easier. "Everyone must be more vigilant when they are young," he said.

Gleneagles Hospital Singapore Senior Urology Consultant Dr. Poh Beow Kiong analogized that cancer is like a plant. Namely genetic as the seeds, and soil, water, the sun triggered by this malignant disease.

"Cancer seeds or genetic triggers with unhealthy lifestyles. Like eating patterns, smoking, and other habits that worsen health. So cancer can occur, healthy living remains a priority," he said.

Poh said that understanding cancer did not merely understand how the disease came. "The most important thing is what it looks like to handle and care for him," he said.

Parkway Hospital Semarang Central Patient Assistance Center Manager, dr. Meidy Tanzil said Parkway Hospital Singapore through Parkway Cancer Center (PCC) will answer all the needs of patients about cancer.

"As long as the choice and effectiveness of medicines continue to grow, expectations against cancer increase. Chemotherapy is carried out with care by qualified nurses and under the strict supervision of our senior medical oncology consultant," he said.

Furthermore, he revealed that anti-cancer treatments that can be given to patients after consultation with PCC include cytotoxic chemotherapy, targeted therapy, treatments tailored to each person, and immunotherapy.

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