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Similarities and Differences Between Cancer and Tumors

Many people assume that the tumor is cancer or vice versa. Yes, most of them are still confused and cannot distinguish between cancer and tumor. Can tumors cause cancer? Is it the opposite? Or is cancer and tumor the same thing?
Similarities and Differences Between Cancer and Tumors
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Cancer and tumors, similar but different

Not all tumors are cancer and vice versa. Basically, a tumor is an abnormal cell growth in certain parts of the body. Tumors occur when body cells divide and grow excessively.

If cell growth occurs only in certain parts of the body and does not spread, then it is a benign tumor. While tumor cells that spread to other parts of the body are called malignant tumors or cancer.

Yes, cancer or malignant tumors are the same things, namely the growth of body cells that are not normal and are spread to other body parts. Both of them do look similar but are different in some ways.

Similarities between cancer and tumors

Many people assume that cancer and tumors are the same because there are indeed some similarities like both. Following are the similarities of cancer and tumor:
  • Both can grow quite large. benign tumors or cancer can grow to a very large size.
  • Cancer and tumors are both dangerous. Although cancer is still more dangerous than benign tumors, don't underestimate benign tumors that grow. Some cases of benign tumors will be very dangerous, such as brain tumors that can destroy the brain structure slowly.
  • Both can recur again later. If cancer and tumor treatments are not done properly and there are still abnormal cells left in the body, both may reappear in the same body part.

Difference between cancer and tumor

Although there are some similarities, cancer and tumor are still two different things. This can be seen from the differences they have, namely:
  • Faster cancer growth. Cancer cells have very fast growth, while tumor cells do not.
  • Cancer can spread to other parts of the body. Unlike tumor cells that only grow and settle in one part of the body, cancer cells can spread quickly to any part of the body.
  • The location of recurrence. In benign tumors, usually, a recurrence will occur again in the same body part as the previous case. But in cancer, recurrence can occur in any part of the body.
  • Different treatment. Benign tumors are usually removed by surgery and all the growing tumor tissue is removed. But in the case of cancer, the treatment is a bit more complex. Cancer cells that are spread and grow quickly must be killed first with chemotherapy or radiation drugs. Then, the malignant tumor will be operated on, removed the remaining cells.

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