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The Dangers of Burning Foods: Triggering Cancer to Stomach Acid

Credits: Pixabay
The Dangers of Burning Foods: Triggering Cancer to Stomach Acid - A variety of processed culinary that is often burned is tempting. Foods that are processed by burning are always a favorite choice for the audience. Such as grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled meat, grilled sausages, grilled liver, grilled intestines, even roasted fried foods.

But who would have thought behind the delicious food processed by burning, several dangerous diseases are lurking?

The Ministry of Health Directorate of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment recommends that burnt food lovers reduce the frequency of consuming it because it is thought to trigger several diseases, including:


Consuming foods with high protein that is burned like chicken, fish, and meat can form carcinogenic compounds that can damage the composition of DNA in human genes and then can cause cancer.

To reduce the risk of the formation of these compounds, you can work around this by soaking food that will be burned in traditional herbs made from natural ingredients. It also avoids cooking at high temperatures.

Nutrient content disappears

High protein found in all types of meat that should be a source of energy for anyone who consumes it will be lost if processed by burning, especially if cooked at high temperatures.

To work around this, processing by burning can be done with low temperatures or low heat for an extended period. This can be done so that the meat is cooked evenly without removing the protein content in it.

Gastric acid

Consuming food that is burned can improve the performance of the stomach, the stomach will work harder to digest it. As a result, stomach acid will increase.

So if you have stomach ailment or ulcer, you should avoid food by burning.

Worms that are still left in the meat

Meat that is cooked by burning usually will not cook properly. That way, worms, larvae, or eggs that are in the flesh do not wholly die.

To avoid this, when searing meat, make sure the chicken is cooked perfectly.

Launch CNN Food Standards Agency (FSA) conducted a campaign with the tagline "Go for Gold." The campaign invites people to make sure their food stays in golden color, or don't change color to black, to avoid the risk of causing cancer.

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