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4 Steps to Treat Cervical Cancer Naturally

4 Steps to Treat Cervical Cancer Naturally
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4 Steps to Treat Cervical Cancer Naturally - Here is a real experience that the author feels needs to be shared with all readers, maybe there are benefits. Four things need to be done for sufferers of cervical cancer to achieve recovery. Here are four things:

1. TES IVA ( visual inspection with acetic acid )

To find out whether a woman suffering from cervical cancer needs to be examined by experts. Usually, the famous one is the pap-smear. But there is one method that is cheaper and practical with equally accurate results. The method is visual inspection with acetic acid or IVA test. IVA tests can be done by midwives' practice. Enough cocor duck equipment (speculum) and acetic acid. If the IVA test results are negative then be thankful, but if the results are positive then begin treatment with the following steps.


If after the IVA test and the results turn out positive, then, of course, you must seek treatment. Taking medication can be from a doctor's prescription or natural herbal medicines that are no less effective. Even with natural foliage medicines, you are free from the risk of side effects.

One type of natural leaves that can eradicate cervical cancer is the leaves of a muris or soursop (Dutch jackfruit, Dutch noni). The author has proven many times the benefits of this leaf. How to use it quite easily. It can be boiled and extracts or juice can also be taken directly when raw (no boiling). Instead, users will be maximized if the juice is taken without boiling.

About the dose adjusts to the condition of the sick and the stage level. As a rule is to drink three times a day, with a dose of ten to thirty sheets per drink. Perform a minimum of four months or until healed completely.


There are several types of therapy to kill cancer cells. Can with chemotherapy and radiation. But chemotherapy has tremendous side effects on the body.

Other therapies that are safe and natural are cancer cell killing therapy with radiant energy in the energy. You can look for people who have this special expertise. Usually, such people have knowledge of 'hizib', kanuragan, or wisdom. But not just any internal energy. But performance can turn off living cells/goods without hurting them. The point is a science that can emit energy that if the energy is knocked down to something living (for example a tree) it will die dry without a burn wound.

That energy must be modified, its size is regulated, to be targeted at cancer cells so that the cells die to its roots. The author has proven this many times. The author's experience, the first month of treatment I did therapy twice a week. The second month is enough once a week. The third and fourth month is enough once in two weeks. After that, it's usually completely cured. To ensure that IVA tests can be carried out again.


Finally, maintain a healthy lifestyle, starting with food, exercising until resting. In essence, increase body immunity by living a healthy lifestyle. Some of the writer's comments as suggestions are as follows:

  • - Drink lots of water when you wake up in the morning
  • - reduce sugar or foods containing granulated sugar. Sweet intake can be replaced by fruits.
  • - the mind must be optimistic and always be good to God.
So this article is helpful. Sincerely, Please wait a while.

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