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Vincristine Flower Extract, Cancer Cure Extract

Vincristine Flower Extract, Cancer Cure Extract

Vincristine Flower Extract, Cancer Cure Extract - It's been a while, as the frenetic efficacy of a plant that has died down. All returned calm, euphoria has disappeared. As usual, we also observe how the response of the medical world is so cold, like not excited.

Why is it like that? Actually, it's okay, not skeptical, but, indeed, the effects of specific plant properties have often been across the medical world.

In fact, there have been many examples, and the most famous is the story of the vinca flower or in Indonesia by Javanese people known as tread flowers. From this story, we can understand that not just a plant extract can be called treating cancer.

The Vincristine flower is a plant native to the island of Madagascar, living in abundance in the tropics. In the past, people often associate the efficacy of this plant as a cure for diabetes. Used as an herbal tea and is believed to help control blood sugar levels. Hearing this, researchers certainly did not remain silent. Then this interest was investigated for use as an anti-diabetes drug.

This plant extract is then tested on test animals or experimental animals. What is the result? Apparently not proven. However, much vinca flower extract is given, blood sugar does not go down at all. The first lesson from this story is that not all of these traditional herbal properties can be proven in the laboratory.

However, researchers observed other effects of vinca flower extract. From the experimental animals given this flower extract, it turns out that from a blood test, the white blood cells of the experimental animals decreased dramatically. Even some animals try to die of infection due to a meager white blood cell count.

The experts also find out about this effect and try to analyze and isolate the substances that cause this effect. The result is a substance that is then called vinblastine and vincristine. Both elements in the vinca flower turned out to be substances that cause the effect of decreasing the number of white blood cells or leukocytes in experimental animals.

Vincristine Flower Extract, Cancer Cure Extract

Then the researchers got the idea to use a substance from the results of this vinca flower extract into chemotherapy drugs for blood cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma.

The result, it turns out this drug with a combination of other medications can cure acute leukemia and lymphoma. The results turned out to be very encouraging, and to date, Vincristine is an essential drug in the list of weapons against cancer drugs.

From here, we get another lesson from the vinca flower story. That to declare a useful plant extract is needed research.

Research is also gradual and requires a long process. Before a plant extract is declared useful, it needs proof, and after that, followed a clinical trial before it can then be used for the treatment of diseases. To see this vinca flower story can also be seen in the video below:

Aside from the vinca flower, it turns out that many other plants have also been found to have anti-cancer drug effects. Another example is Pacific Yew or Taxus brevifolia. This plant also contains a substance called taxol, which is then born a group of chemotherapy drugs called taxane. Examples of chemotherapy drugs are paclitaxel and docetaxel. Also, there are actually many other drugs that were taken from research from plant extracts.

This gives the third lesson that the medical world is actually not anti-herbal or plant extracts. It's just that, before we use it, research is needed first. Before there are results of these studies, the medical world will not use these substances as part of the treatment of a disease.

Then there is another lesson that is that not necessarily a plant can be used raw for medicinal plants. Did you know how many plants must be extracted to get 1 gram of vincristine? The amount is 900 kg of leaves or dried plants. Whereas for one-time use in adults for once chemotherapy is 2 mg. This means that approximately 1.8 kg of the dry mass of the vinca plant is needed for disposables.

The gift was not drunk but injected. So, with raw consumption of vinca plants is not enough and must be purified before use. Especially for the results of this extraction is not constant.

That is, plants planted in the yard may not necessarily be able to produce an equivalent extract of plants that are deliberately cultivated. Therefore, although this flower extract is proven efficacious, it is not recommended for cancer sufferers to consume this plant directly.

Thus the explanation of this vinca flower story may be a lesson and an illustration of the importance of research positions in the medical world. This is also to ward off hoax or false news that the medical world is anti-herbal medicine and traditional medicine. All that is needed is proof of the experiments carried out using structured methods and meeting the standardized rules that have been standardized.

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