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8 Early Signs of a Heart Attack You Need to Know

8 Early Signs of a Heart Attack You Need to Know
The occurrence of a disease or heart attack is something that is not expected by everyone. This can lead to danger and even death for sufferers.

A heart attack is a dangerous health condition and cannot be ruled out. Therefore it is important to understand it appropriately as a whole.

Several things can increase your risk factors for heart attack. Therefore, several things can prevent this health problem.

Detecting the condition and early symptoms of this problem can reduce the risk of premature death due to this problem. Reporting from Medical Daily, here are several early symptoms of a heart attack that you need to recognize and be aware of.

Irregular Heartbeat

Irregular heartbeats that occur for one to two minutes can be an early sign of a heart attack. In women, this usually appears accompanied by anxiety, especially in women. This also usually makes a person dizzy and tired.

Excessive sweating

Someone who has a high risk of heart attack can sweat more than normal during the day and night. This can seem like flu symptoms that appear even though the temperature is not hot and doesn't move much. These symptoms generally only appear in women.

Stomach ache
Aches and pains in the abdomen are common in 50 percent of heart attacks in both men and women. Nausea usually occurs in the stomach and bloating that occurs a week before a heart attack. If these symptoms stop and reappear in a short time, then you need to be more careful.


Symptoms of fatigue are usually more susceptible to experience by women than men. Usually, this also raises tremendous fatigue and decreased energy and motivation.

Respiratory Problems

Respiratory problems such as dyspnea occur in 40 percent of heart attack cases. This is characterized by difficulty in taking deep breaths and breathing air into the lungs. This is common six months before a heart attack occurs.


Many heart attack sufferers experience insomnia before. They also tend to have high anxiety and lack of concentration.

Hair loss

Hair loss is one of the known effects of aging. In some cases, a heart attack can also cause this.

Chest pain

The pain that appears on several body parts including the chest can be a sign of a heart attack. Even so, the exact position of this problem is still unknown.

These things can be an early sign of a heart problem that you are experiencing. Beware immediately if you experience a number of these things and if necessary consult with a doctor.

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