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Get to know about albumin and its benefits in pregnant women

Get to know about albumin and its benefits in pregnant women - Moms, of course, already understand that during pregnancy, you must meet the daily nutritional needs, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Pregnant women need to meet all these needs in a balanced manner because each of these nutritional elements has its own functions. If there is one of these nutrients that is lacking in the body, then it can affect the health condition of your pregnancy and fetal growth and development.

One element of nutrition that is important for you to fulfill is albumin. Not too familiar with the word, Moms? Come on, we know more about this nutritional element that plays a vital role in your pregnancy.

Get to know about albumin and its benefits in pregnant women
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What is Albumin?

Albumin is the main protein found in human blood produced by the liver. Albumin functions to maintain fluid balance in the body, transport nutrients in the body, and help repair damaged tissue in cells.

So, even though your nutritional intake is proper, nutrients cannot be adequately transported if the albumin levels in the body are low. As a result, the fetus can also participate in malnutrition and stunted growth and development, Moms. Therefore, during pregnancy, you need to pay attention to albumin levels in the body.

Risk of Albumin Deficiency in Pregnant

Lack of albumin in a person can cause swelling in body parts, one of which is in the kidneys. This often happens in patients with hepatitis, tumors, and cancer. As for pregnant women, lack of albumin protein in the blood can cause hypoalbuminemia. This will make pregnant women experience pre-eclampsia, where blood pressure becomes high, swelling in the legs, to convulsions.

Not only in pregnant women, but lack of albumin in the fetus also results in deficiencies in children's intelligence and motor nerve disorders. Both of these have even formed since the womb. Therefore, the lack of protein albumin intake is hazardous for pregnant women and infants in the womb.

Albumin Needs for Pregnant Women

DR. Dr. Taufik Jamaan Sp.OG, from RSIA Bunda, stated that everyone, including pregnant women, needs 60 to 75 grams of protein albumin per day. This requirement is obtained from the consumption of nuts, milk, meat, fish, and other foods that can produce vegetable and animal protein.

One food ingredient that can produce high protein is cork fish. The content in the form of protein by 80.55 percent, 33.07 percent albumin and amino acids and other minerals that are important for the body. Also, consumption of 10 egg whites a day can increase albumin in the body.

“The saturation of albumin protein in pregnant women also works for the formation of baby muscles, enzymes, and body metabolism. And also to protect the mother's uterus, blood vessels, and placenta, ”DR said. Taufik.

The sufficient protein content of albumin in the body also helps the bone formation and prevents anemia. DR. Taufik said that 1 in 2 pregnant women suffer from anemia because the protein is not absorbed correctly by the body. With enough albumin, eating a variety of vitamins and other essential substances can be well absorbed and increase strength inactivity.

DR. Taufik also reminded pregnant women to avoid bad food and inhibit fetal development. "Reduce sweet, fatty foods, soft drinks, and also caffeinated like coffee. Also, avoid bad habits such as smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages because it can block blood vessels to the uterus and can cause children to be born prematurely. It also causes babies born with low weight and fetal alcohol syndrome, "complete DR. Taufik.

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