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How to Clean Smokers Lung from Spots and Mucus Naturally

Lungs are organs in the respiratory system and are associated with the circulatory system. The lungs function to exchange oxygen from the air with carbon dioxide from the blood.

The lungs as one of the vital organs in the body must be guarded properly, lest the lungs have many problems which actually make the owner of the body difficult. If you have problems with lung hygiene, then we have the solution. Here is how to clean the lungs of smokers from spots and mucus naturally.

How to clean smokers' lungs
When smoking, your lungs will experience various changes ranging from changes in cell level to changes in the color of the lungs. Lung smokers will be black and brown than non-smokers' lungs. Here we share with you how to clean the lungs of smokers.
How to Clean Smokers Lung from Spots and Mucus Naturally
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Drink a cup of green tea at night
One way to clean the smoker's lungs is to drink a cup of green tea at night. Green tea contains antioxidants that are good for releasing toxins in the body, including nicotine. Drink green tea at night before bed so that little by little the toxins in your body are wasted the next day.

Drink a cup of ginger and peppermint
Ginger is a natural ingredient that has many functions. In addition to adding flavor to food, ginger is also useful for cleaning the lungs because it contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Try drinking a cup of ginger added with peppermint as a way to clean the lungs of smokers.

Increase selenium consumption
In addition to green tea and ginger, the way to clean the lungs of smokers is to increase the consumption of selenium. Selenium is found in eggs, salmon, chicken, cheese, mushrooms, and oats. Selenium will stimulate an increase in enzymes and vitamin E in the body so that it can maximize lung function.

Be diligent in exercising
The exercise that is done regularly will improve the performance of the lungs, thus the lungs will deliver air to the entire body to the maximum. Sports that you can do are like jogging, gymnastics, running and sit-ups. There is no harm in using exercise as a way to clean the lungs of smokers.

How to clean lungs from spots
Spots that occur in the lungs are caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacterium can be transmitted to others through phlegm bursts or snot issued by the patient. Here we will share with you, how to clean the lungs from spots.

Consumption of garlic regularly
Garlic can you use as a way to cleanse the lungs of spots. Garlic contains sulfuric acid, allicin, and ajoene which can inhibit bacterial development. You can consume garlic together with milk.

Black pepper consumption
Black pepper contains anti-inflammatory substances which can be a way to cleanse the lungs of spots. With anti-inflammatory substances contained in it, black pepper not only cleanses the lungs but also can relieve symptoms of pain in the chest.

The way you need to do is fry 8-10 black pepper with butter, then add a pinch of asafetida powder and let it cool. After that separate them into 3 equal parts, and consume them one by one every few hours.

How to Cleanse the Lungs from Mucus
Stacking mucus in the lungs will make your breathing become disturbed. Mucus formation is influenced by several health conditions, including gastric acid reflux, allergies, asthma, and the presence of bacterial or viral infections. Here we will give tips on how to clean the lungs of mucus.

Consumption of pineapple
Eating pineapple can you make a way to cleanse the lungs of mucus. Pineapple is rich in fiber and vitamin C which effectively cleans and reduces the formation of mucus, and even provides quick recovery. How to consume it can be made by pineapple as juice, and by drinking boiled water.

Steam therapy
One way to cleanse the lungs of mucus is to do steam therapy. Steam therapy will make the mucus in the lungs thin so that it is easily removed from the body. Evaporation will make the inflammation subside and the chest becomes more comfortable to breathe.

Control cough
When you experience a cough, your body will produce phlegm. The more phlegm removed, the better the condition of the body. This method can also be used as a way to cleanse the lungs of mucus. By controlling coughing, you can force mucus or dirt in the lungs to get out quickly.
How to Clean Smokers Lung from Spots and Mucus Naturally
Credits: Pixabay
How to Clean the Lungs Naturally
Many ways can be used to cleanse your lungs from mucus and spots that may be lodged in it. But there are natural ways that you can also use, let's see the information.

Eat healthy food
Eating healthy food can be a way to clean the lungs naturally because food also affects the health of our lungs. Drink a glass of lemon water every day, balanced with foods that are rich in vitamin C, as well as foods that contain high antioxidants.

Doing outdoor activities
How to clean the lungs naturally is to do outdoor activities. Of course, the environment that you choose to do in an environment that has a low level of pollution. Look for an environment that still keeps fresh air, especially in the morning to help our lungs work properly.

There are many ways you can use to clean the lungs of mucus and spots. Good luck and good luck.

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