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5 Signs of Too Much Salt

Signs of Too Much Salt - In addition to sugar, salt is an enemy for those who crave a healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, Indonesian food does have a taste with a predominance of salt in it, so it is tough for Indonesians to reduce or not add saltiness to their diet.

Overeating salty food can actually cause health problems such as hypertension, but not many people know how much salt we need to consume.

Quoted from the, adults should only consume food with a dose of 6 grams of salt or 1 teaspoon each day. Based on the Times of India, here are the signs that your body is consuming excess salt. 

5 Signs of Too Much Salt
Credits: Photo by Lorena Martínez from Pexels

1. Always thirsty

Addictive salt can make dry mouth syndrome, so you will often feel hungry. Excess sodium can inhibit the body's fluid balance and, consequently, force you to experience hydration problems. This is a clear signal that the body needs more hydrating nutrients by consuming less salt.

2. Mild headache

If you have experienced slight trouble for a relatively long period, that may be a sign that you need to pay attention to salt intake. Generally, problems can be caused by dehydration, which can occur when the body does not have hydration fluid, which helps.

3. Food tastes bland without salt

This is one of the most common signs that is often ignored. Salt does add a little taste to your diet. However, if your body has begun to adjust to excessive amounts of salt, this taste can no longer return to the value it should. The thing to remember, you can reduce salt without ruining the flavor. If you can't minimize salt, chances are you are addicted to salt.

4. Swelling

Salt intake can affect blood circulation so that in the end, this can encourage the body to hold air and cause conditions such as edema and one part of your body to swell. Some examples of swelling occur in the face and legs.

5. Pain and cramps in the bones

You may not realize it, but consuming excessive salt can also damage bone health. Too much salt can cause the body to lose significant calcium. This is a trigger for chronic problems such as weak bones, cramps, and pain.

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